Since the release of The Red Sea Rules, Robert has been consistently asked about an accompanying Study Guide resource for individual or group study.

In response, this study guide has been assembled to specifically and thoughtfully guide readers through the journey of the Red Sea Rules.

Red Sea Rules Study Guide

The Red Sea Rules Study Guide further explores each rule, while providing a clear path of navigation through individual or group study.  Think of this guide as a map for a journey through your most difficult days.
  • 1-9: $6.99
  • 10-19: $6.49
  • 20-29: $5.99
  • 30-39: $5.49
  • 40+: $5.00

From the Study Guide

Rob Morgan, experienced a difficult season of life several years ago.  Engulfed with anxiety bordering on panic, he opened his Bible to Exodus 14. There he read the above account of the journey through the Red Sea. But rather than reading mere historic facts, Rob discovered dynamic principles: The Red Sea Rules. He saw 10 God-given strategies for difficult times. Being a practitioner before a preacher, he applied these ten strategies to his own difficult times. He too experienced victory.
This ten-step journey through the Red Sea took God’s people in the past and Rob in the present, from fear to faith––from panic to praise. And the really good news is, you and I can also experience this same transformation in our difficult times. So I ask you, will you join me on a journey through the Red Sea, moving from
panic to praise?

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